When all aligned we can rest.

We are absolutely passionate about simple and crafted design, planned for real life that we and our clients, are proud of.

Our work basics are:

Space planning first – defining circulation patterns, developing plans for furniture layout and equipment placement. The goal of space planning is to create efficiency and functionality.

Create a vision – once functionality defined we tailor the client’s desired aesthetic with our global approach, to create a concept for the space.

Thinking about materials & finishing – materials and finishing affect how a person sees the finished space. Natural materials reign supreme. We evaluate whatever something is built to last. Expensive not necessarily equals quality.

Contrasting & highlighting – is a need so that the eye can appreciate the difference. Combining different materials, shapes, patterns and textures in the right way, can define the perception of innate properties of each element.

Focusing on detail – we specify all of the particulars in order to best support the overall vision.

Creating with a purpose – Every interior design project should be personalized for the user, even if the goal of a design is simplicity and modernity.

Balance – we prefer overall balance instead of creating focal points in a space.

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Get to know

We like to keep it simple. Most important is to identify the client’s needs and objectives. We talk about the functions of the space, who will be using it, what kind of equipment is required. This is a perfect opportunity to take pictures & measurement.


You haven’t met us yet? Here is your chance.

The fun part

Always excited when we have to create. Just watching this process is pure joy. Functionality first: space planning and furniture layouts, rebuild all from scratch like nothing is there. We create rough sketches with circulation plans, spacingĀ  and the famous mood-board, with furniture and finish ideas. To take the next step, we present to the client for review and revision.

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When the real work begins

After getting the approval for the schematic design we can put things head to head. We start with the floor plan, everything has to have it’s final size and position. It is like dancing, you can’t skip steps unless you fall. A good floor plan is a strong base to build on the lighting and plumbing plan, tile and floor distribution. We are here to make your life easier, so we put together a shopping list for you, with all the items and exact quantity required, from fixtures and furniture trough floor coverings to decoration pieces. To keep you excited during this process, we prepare architectural rendering images for you. Don’t worry, we prepare technical drawings for your custom made furniture, and we can hook you up with implementer contacts.

We are there for you

This is the final stage where things are built and installed. You need support. We are there for you, during the construction and installation processes to ensure that everything goes as it should. Unpredictable situations could cause surprise. We can’t let anything to cross our plans.

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