Welcome to our office!

We are a team of professionals dedicated to interior design, based in Cluj-Napoca. Our mission is to create spaces that speak for themselves, where the useful blends harmoniously with the aesthetic. We admire the clean and meaningful design, and apply for results that we and our customers can be proud of.
We are with you throughout the process. We offer complete services – from planning, to purchasing and implementation in the finest detail. We are not afraid of budget constraints and we are always looking for the optimal solution, with an emphasis on quality.
We invite you to visit some of our soul projects and, if we have convinced you, do not hesitate to contact us.

Residential design

Interior design for living spaces transforms houses into homes. Personality is a key factor. Each person is unique and the living spaces should accommodate his needs and desires.

interior design rezidential cluj napoca mostwanted design
interior design cluj comercial rezidential mostwanted design

Commercial design

Interior design for commecial spaces reffers to any business that deals with direct clients. Restaurants, bars, shops or public offices, they all need to stand out and provide a unique experience to their clients.

Design office

The workspace is the most “lived” space in our life, since we spend most of out awake hours in the office. Therefore it should be welcoming, comfortable and adapted to the needs of the people work there.

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